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Our Philosophy

We advocate the highest standard of care possible for your pet and explain our recommendations. We want you to be well informed as to what is medically possible and reasonable for your pet.

We only recommend treatments and procedures needed and that follow standards of care, you decide if you want to treat.

We weclome complex medical conditions, urgent care, emergencies, surgical cases of all kinds.

Our hospital, house call and farm call services are comprehensive.

We provide complete veterinary services at our hospitals in Loudoun and Clarke counties and Winchester, VA and via our In-Home Veterinary Care and Farm Call services. Please see the Locations and Mobile Services Menu choices for more information.

Pets receive a comprehensive set of In-home services, everything but surgery or X-rays in your home. Our veterinary hospitals are available for clients wishing a calm comfortable in-hospital experience

Horses and other equines receive the best possible care at your barn.

Farm Animals receive comprehensive care for both farm pets and sensible care for production animals including surgery.

Cats are much happier seeing the Vet at home Dogs are happier seeing the Vet at home too. Farm Call Veterinarian for cattle, goats, sheep, llama, alpacas, pigs, chickens Maryland Virginia