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It's not just about vaccinations...

We believe that pets are most comfortable being cared for in their home.

Therefore, our focus is providing excellent care and medicine in your home , as much as possible. We will perform our exam and treatments in your pet's favorite location in your home.

Following a unique approach to total pet wellness, House Paws veterinarians and our dedicated staff can provide a full range of veterinary services in your home (excluding x-rays and surgery) from birth to end of life for your furry family members! Consistent, Affordable and Convenient, our services include:


Senior wellness exams Cold Laser rehabilitation therapy for chronic and acute onditions
Heartworm screening Ultrasound imaging dianostics
Full diagnostic laboratory services Lyme disease screening
Home Again Microchipping - ISO Compliant Full pharmacy with us on the truck and we also directly ship to you.
Vaccines - for new clients, we require an exam performed by us before vaccinating any pet. Travel certificates - US and International
Non-Emergency sicks calls (of course) Euthanasia and cremation
Annual comprehensive physical examinations Senior pet care
Parasite prevention - Deworming, Flea and Tick Prevention Hospice and End of Life Consuling
Nutritional Consulting  
Puppy and Kitten Care  

We proivde comprehensive Veterinary Care for:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets

Referral Services

We will refer your pet to the best veteriniary specialists in the area, should we feel that is best for you pet or farm animal.

Hospitalization Services

  • We currently perform routine surgeries at an area veterinary hospital.
  • We can also refer you to a practice in your area.
  • We believe that also animals should:
    • receive pre-operative bloodwork to screen for conditions that might lead to increased risk under anesthesia.
    • receive pre and post operative pain medication.
    • receive IV catheters for fluid therapy before and during surgery.
  • We also believe that some surgeries should be performed by specialists.




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