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We Bring the Vet to Your Pet

Is getting your pet to the vet a stressful experience for you or for them?

House Paws can provide you with compassionate, professional veterinary services in the comfort and convenience of your own home or barn.

Pets are much calmer and easier to evaluate and treat when they are in their own environment. Farm animals are handled with the same calm gentle approach. The perfect solution for your pets and animals, large or small, House Paws’ wellness-based approach to veterinary medicine focuses on prevention and early detection of common diseases. Every step of the way, we provide you with comprehensive information and help guide you in making the most well-informed choices about your pets’ and farm animal care.

Pets receive a comprehensive set of In-home services, everything but surgery or x-rays in your home. See services for more information.

Horses and other equines receive the best possible care at your barn. Please see equine services for more information

Farm Animals receive comprehensive care for both farm pets and sensible care for production animals including surgery. See farm services for more information.

Cats are much happier seeing the Vet at home Dogs are happier seeing the Vet at home too.Farm Call Veterinarian for cattle, goats, sheep, llama, alpacas, pigs, chickens Maryland Virginia

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