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House Call Mobile Virginia Veterinarian, Maryland Veterinarian


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We Bring the Vet to Your Pet

Does your pet stress at the vet? Call: 703-264-7879

House Paws Farm Calls is now doing large animal, overnight, emergency farm calls. Call the above number to obtain the phone number to reach the overnight large animal emergency veterinarian. No small animal overnight emergencies please - see our emergency page for small animal emergencies.

House Paws provides:

compassionate, professional veterinary services in the comfort and convenience of your own home or barn:

  • draw blood
  • dispense medication
  • diagnose and treat complex problems
  • treat sick and injured pets
  • vaccines
  • everything but surgery or X-rays in your home.

We advocate the highest standard of care possible for you pet and explain why. You decide.

Pets receive a comprehensive set of In-home services, everything but surgery or X-rays in your home.

Horses and other equines receive the best possible care at your barn.

Farm Animals receive comprehensive care for both farm pets and sensible care for production animals including surgery.

Cats are much happier seeing the Vet at home Dogs are happier seeing the Vet at home too. Farm Call Veterinarian for cattle, goats, sheep, llama, alpacas, pigs, chickens Maryland Virginia